One of my friends was asking if we have any training program for QA on the Cloud. Here is the response I sent and I thought of sharing that here in the blog.

Cloud is inevitable for everyone. It’s like knowing the platform basics. The reason we are starting with AWS training is its simplicity of usage and popularity gain. Almost every major software company rebranded themselves as Cloud company. Every customer out there ranging from small, medium to large size are moving to cloud.

QA for Cloud is overloaded term. It could be testing workloads on the cloud platform or instantiating application container instances to do functional testing or complex penetration testing for cloud applications. So in essence learning AWS/Azure/OpenStack based public cloud systems is for everyone in the industry.

We don’t have QA specific training yet on the Cloud, but I think AWS cloud training program helps you a lot to stay ahead of competition to lead the way to secure jobs in cloud projects.

Kris Vishwanathan


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