iCloudDeploy.com – Multi-cloud deployment DevOps Automation Framework:

We at iCloudNow have developed end-to-end DevOps automation framework. The user friendly interface and dashboard that let you provision and deploy any type of applications to choice of your public or private cloud. You can develop microservices based architecture applications in your choice of source repository, rest is all handled by the framework including infrastructure provisioning for development, testing, staging and production environment, build CI/CD pipeline and configure Jenkins or Teamcity to poll your code to continuously deploy code to choice of your on-premise or cloud environment.

Framework currently available both as a hosted solution and on-premise installation. We have developed and made available, out of the box templates to get started quickly with below type of projects:

  • Docker binaries
  • Kubernetes clusters
  • Prometheus monitoring
  • ELK stack log monitoring
  • Continuous integration and deployment setup using Jenkins and Github source repository
  • Packer and Ansible to create gold images with AWS, Azure, Softlayer and Google cloud
  • Building Docker images from your gold code
  • Quick WordPress site creation
  • Terraform template provisioning that is fully secured and can be provisioned to choice of your cloud
  • ..and many more project

All of the above projects can be simply provisioned with click of a button from the framework UI. You can further customize these projects for your needs.