iclouds Web Development

There is been a major shift in focus for Web application development, from a Java/.Net-centric approach to a focus on web developers that work with JS/HTML/CSS. This shift coincides with general industry trends, with the adoptionĀ of powerful JS frameworks such as Angular, React, Backbone, and others, and all the new server side web development based on Node.js. JavaScript is evolving as the most powerful scripting language for both client and server side development. On the other end with every enterprise moving onto Cloud infrastructure, Cloud nosql databases are catching up superseding RDBMS databases. MogoDB is the front-runner and adopted by so many companies as a Cloud database.

Web development course we are offering is based on AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB. Its lot to cover in one single course, but the modern web development project is incomplete without a front-end framework, back-end programming language and a database. Hence we have chosen all the three technologies.

Course Overview:

  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • JavaScript deep-dive and advanced topics
  • AngularJS introduction
  • AngularJS directives, modules, views, controllers and forms
  • NodeJS Introduction
  • Node-JS web framework, Express, Rest APIs
  • MongoDB basics
  • MongoDB as NoSql database and Cloud database
  • CRUD operations with MongoDB
  • Web project using AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB


Instructor: Punnam Kollur is your instructor who has over 20 years of experience in modern web development technologies. He worked for some of the furtune 500 companies such as Fidelity, Quintiles and others.