iclouds - solutions

iCloudNow is focused on Cloud transformation for the enterprise. We accomplish that with highly talented core team and the resource pool. Our team consists of highly experienced Software Architects and Developers who has over 20 plus years of IT industry experience and not only that but they also love lucky tiger casino games. We tackle challenging Cloud transformation projects with some of the pre-built assets in BigData, DevOps Automation and Cloud technology skills.

Below are some of our focus areas:

AWS/Azure Cloud Migration:
– Our core team is highly experienced in public cloud infrastructure and virtualization software. We can asses your existing infrastructure, estimate Cloud migration cost, help architect your Cloud solution and migrate the workloads.

DevOps Toolchain and Automation:
– We have built many assets for DevOps and automation of your software projects and provisioning into both public and private Cloud infrastructures. You can engage us on automation assessments, education and actual implementations. Our core team is highly experienced in automating and provisioning the systems for fortune 50 companies. Please do reach us out to assess our kick-start assets.

BigData Project Implementation:
– We have many years of experience in building BigData infrastructure and developing extraction and transformation code for very complex datasources. If you are fortune 50 or an SMB we have pre-built solutions to kick start your BigData project. We currently host 7 node Hadoop BigData cluster to prototype your BigData applications readily. Please reach us out for further discussions and evaluate your project.

Software Testing:
– We have developed core practice for Software testing, that includes manual functional testing, automation testing, System testing and Security/Penetration testing. We could do the testing with both online/offshore combination with our offices back in India at a reduced cost.