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DevOps is a cultural shift and collaboration between development, operations and testing, there is no single DevOps tool. It is rather a set or “DevOps toolchain”, consisting of multiple tools. DevOps tools fit into one or more of these categories, which is reflective of key aspects of the software development and delivery process.

Code — Code development and review, version control tools, code merging
Build — Continuous integration tools, build status
Test — Continuous testing tools that provide feedback on business risks
Package — Artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging
Release — Change management, release approvals, release automation
Configure — Infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as Code tools
Monitor — Applications performance monitoring, end–user experience.

We are conducting DevOps toolchain training from IT industry veterans located at Raleigh, NC. Classes will be both in-class as well as remote. Below is the instructor profile and detailed curriculum.

Kris Vishwanathan is one of the instructors for the class. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry KrisProfileof which last 15 years he was a Cloud Architect and Developer for IBM corporation. Highly experienced in Cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Big Data and DevOps. He has executed multimillion dollar projects for JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, E&Y, BCBS, Hertz corporation and many more fortune 500 companies. During his tenure in IBM he architected and developed IBM product multi-release development efforts. He will be teaching scenarios from many real complex projects.

GP is one of the instructors and senior DevOps lead and architect for a top fortune 50 enterprise. In his spare time he would like to nurture and train new talent on DevOps toolchain and technolgies. He has over 20 years of experience and hardcore programmer in Python, Ansible, Virtualization software and other tools.

DevOps Training Curriculum